Health Harbor

The First Battle

As I sit here and type, slowly digesting that 2.5 helpings of pasta, a faraway voice screams: “Why would you do that?! What about losing weight?! Are you giving up already?!”

My answer? Of course! But, not really.

Back when I was trying and maintaining different diet styles, I realized that diets are each made for very specific people. For instance, the military diet is only going to be useful for people that consistently consume a lot of calories. A Korean Diet is only possible when you have a steady supply of affordable Korean ingredients. And let us not speak of the No-Carb-Diet.

I have decided to keep a diet that is comfortable for my living situation and my taste-buds. Of course, what I eat is the least of my problem.

I have a very unique diet. It changes depending on my schedule. For instance, when I am at work from 8:00 A.M. until 9 P.M. I drink a lot of water and eat one heavy food. Sometimes I will snack on other things, sometimes I won’t. Now, if that sounds unhealthy to you, a doctor would 100% agree (which is why I won’t tell my doctor). But, to be honest, it can’t be all that bad for ME.

I am pretty dang active at work and I don’t ever feel faint or nauseous. My hair is still thick and full and I haven’t been sick.

There are two main reasons why this works for me:

  1. If I DO get hungry, I eat. It’s not like I am in danger of going over some set calorie amount. I usually just make a point to never go over 2000 calories, which is pretty easy to do.
  2. I have NEVER in my life felt comfortable eating three meals a day. As a kid, high levels of anxiety made it hard for me to eat, especially in the morning. Therefore, I usually skipped breakfast.

But my diet blows up when binge-week comes around. And by binge-week, I mean PMS. My hormones are raging and I crave food. Sure, there’s the usual chocolate and ice cream cravings, but I also crave just plain, delicious food. And in tonights case, pasta.

I’ve read through plenty of weight loss and diet changing how-to’s and one of the common tips was to not fight your cravings. And so, I have started fulfilling my cravings.

And it works great! Oddly enough, I eat less than I would have if I tried to fight it. If I tried to fight my craving for lots of pasta, it would have grown into a bigger and harder to satisfy craving. Even worse is that it may have added other cravings on top of it, until I didn’t even know WHAT I was craving (which would lead me to eat a large array of things until I figured out what exactly I wanted).

That’s not to say that I can always eat what I want, when I want. Believe me, if that was true, there would be no end to my eating. Especially of sweets. I try to keep my sweets consumption down as much as possible, which is hard for my killer sweet tooth, but doable.

But here’s to binge-week! And here’s to becoming healthier! Relatively, speaking.


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