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My Sons: Monsta X

It is perfectly normal to see Kpop fangirls screaming and crying for their idols and dreaming of marrying them. I, of course, have taken it to the next level. No longer are idols merely husband material, I have come up with a host of different group labels with which I refer to groups that I like. Today, I will speak about my sons.

Monsta X is a special boy group that debuted in 2015. Regardless of the fact that 6 of the 7 members are older than me, I have decided to adopt them as my sons who I will introduce you to, in order of my favorite to my least favorite.



  1. Minhyuk is my favorite child. He is handsome and has the most adorable dolphin laugh that ever existed. It doesn’t take much for me to fawn over his natural aegyo. He is also the ONLY son that I will allow do aegyo. He is also a Scorpio like his father! Dear Minhyuk is also always amazed at his brother’s brilliance and is not too shy to laugh at them. Like a good boy.Hyungwon.jpg
  2. Hyungwon was neck and neck with Minhyuk to be number one, but because of Wonho, he lost out on the spot (but more on that later). Hyunwon is a walking, lovable meme and his sass is fantastic. He takes after me with his penchant for sleeping, and I am impressed by his ability to never wake up.Shownu.jpg
  3. Shownu… Ah, my poor darling Shownu… The eldest brother that is always bullied by the others. It terrible. Even worse is that he has been corrupted by Jooheon’s aegyo. It’s alarming, really. I am so apologetic for leaving him in charge of the boys, and I know that he suffers very much, even though he loves them dearly.Kihyun.jpg
  4. For a time, I thought that Kihyun would be in the top three… but then I saw that fateful video… You can find it here… And then I realized that this son was most likely to come to me with a pregnant girlfriend… repeatedly. I am shocked that I have such a greasy son and I don’t know where he learned such an overly smooth and… dare I say… fuckboi way of speaking.Jooheon.jpg
  5. Jooheon is indeed towards the bottom of the list. But that does not mean that I treasure him less than any of the others. I think that he is absolutely sweet and lovable and honest… But he came up with that terrifying aegyo and I can’t accept it. Even worse is he has been teaching it to others, which is not okay. Still, he is a sweet boy, and he deserves lots of love.I.M..jpg
  6. I.M. is a strange boy. I love him, even though I feel like I don’t understand him well. And he’s absolutely awful at video games. So he didn’t get that from me… Perhaps from his father… Regardless, he’s incredibly bright and intelligent and I look forward to seeing him grow up a lot.WOnho.jpg
  7. Mmf. This one… This is WonHoe. Not Wonho, and he’s at this end of the list for a reason. Momma don’t wanna put up with his B.S. He’s got a serious case of the bedroom eyes, and it needs to stop. Even worse is the fact that he doesn’t know how to wear a shirt properly. He is the least cute son I have. Luckily when Hyungwon is around, he looks a little cuter. If you think I am harsh now, I was even worse. He was on the borderline of being disowned for his sexual ways, but after seeing him gorge on food in a VLive, I realized that he is indeed my son and not some strange alien implanted in our otherwise happy family. Also, keep in mind that his negative is what brought Hyungwon down to second place! So you all help me get this boy to behave himself!

It should be obvious, but I will note otherwise, not a single photo here belongs to me nor do I claim ownership.

Also, they are not my actual sons. Just so ya know.

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