The Grand Plan

Welcome! I’m not sure how you found me or what level of boredom that you’ve achieved that has led you here, but I sincerely welcome you to my little blog.

I don’t know anything about you, and you know nothing about me. Eventually you will get to know me in the future (starting today) and I hope I have the time to get to know you as well. For now, I want to dedicate this post to laying down this year’s plan! And I will be updating my blog as the year goes until I have to make a new plan next year. So without further ado:

1. Save Money (Because I don’t wanna work later)

Well, this summer I decided to work on a Ferry. The pay is minimum, the days are long, and I don’t have time for a social life. But still, I really enjoy it. Being out, hanging out on the boat, is relaxing. The ocean is inspiring, and the overtime is freaking awesome. Will I be using this money to buy my biases CDs? Yoooooooou…. bet I won’t. Breh, those are expensive and I’m a broke college student. I will only look at them longingly online.

2. Finish Paperwork for College (Because graduating is kinda important)

One month to go before school starts, and I haven’t finished my paperwork. Any of it. Funny, right? Wanna know what’s even funnier? It’s my last year! Anyways, this one I plan to finish this week. And hopefully it will go well. Because I need my degree.

3. Write My Final Script(And give you an awesome preview)

About that degree… It’s in Screenwriting and Playwriting. “Because who needs to be employed?” This year will be spent working on my final project at my school, which is honestly pretty sad for me. It’s been fun. My final will be the Pilot and first episode of a Television series. Yes, K-Pop is involved. It will be glorious. If I’m lucky, I will try to film a reading of the script and post it around December. Then you can all go on the attack to demand Netflix buys it from me! Kidding, HBO is my first choice.

4. Study Korean (And learn how to study)

I’ve been studying Korean for about a year now, and I can definitely speak about as much as a Korean 1 year old can! Impressive, I know. All joking aside, one of the greatest struggles for me has been trying to learn how to study. It’s a fairly new thing to me. I’m not sure how all you ‘A’ students do it.

5. Learn How to do Make-up (Without breaking out like I’m still in puberty)

Me and make-up have been long standing enemies. I think I look weird as hell when I use it, and it likes to make my face turn into a city of zits. But this year I will not sit back and allow this anymore! How can the Oppas (I use this ironically only, do not call strange Korean men Oppa, kids) like my plain American faces?~ More importantly, I secretly like make-up and wanna look cute~ But I somehow have a knack for not knowing what to do at all… But this year that will (hopefully) change!

6. Lose Weight (But I really like sweets…)

Yes, it is THAT one. The weight loss point on the list. And don’t get me wrong, I am not losing weight just for society (though that is definitely in there). If 24 is the peak of a woman’s beauty, I want to reach my peak fitness by then. I’ve got 2 year to do it. I honestly want to be in shape so that I can live a comfortable life without worrying about weight-related illness, and I want to wear whatever clothes I want and look the way I want to. But of course… I have never been able to lose weight before, so this is a new journey.

7. Buy New Clothes (With that money I saved earlier)

With weightloss comes great financial responsibility. I can’t really walk around with my pants falling off, so I’ll need to fix my wardrobe. For this I will be enlisting the help of my best friend, who you will meet later. I plan to upgrade my wardrobe at the very end, so I have a year to decide on the look I want to go for. Some help would be much appreciated.

8. Do the EPIK Paperwork (Because I need a real job)

I’m going to Korea. Back when I was in high school I really wanted to go and teach English in Korea. I was inspired by Simon and Martina from EatYourKimchi, of course. For a while, in my one year aversion to all things Korea and K-Pop in an effort to escape the cult, I forgot this dream and tried to be a normal adult and look for a normal career… In acting. But I was fell back into the cult and now my dream is alive and stronger than ever. But that means lots of packing, paperwork, and… something else that starts with a ‘p’… Planning!

9. Write a Book (If I have time, which I do, but I’m lazy)

I love to write. Adore it, really. It is in my blood, in my head, and constantly in my fingertips. But I am one lazy person. Worse than George R.R. Martin, probably. In my defense, I wrote a ton of scripts this year, so I’m a little tired, okay?~ But, more than scripts, I like to write books. I have written a few manuscripts, never good enough to publish, but fun nonetheless. And I finally have a big idea that is publishable. I just need to write it, which I’ve wanted to do for the last year but… As I said, a TON of scripts.

10. Eat! (Without gaining weight…)

I, and my B.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F., are foodies. I adore food, and she adores food, and we go out together and adore food together. Not helpful for weightloss, of course. We also like to cook together on occasion. I will share with you our wonderful meals (and masochistic meals) when possible.

So that is my one year plan-

Wait! I forgot one!


“Live like it’s your last day”. Those words are what I try to live by. I like to go out on adventures and I try not to say ‘no’ to anything. I look forward to sharing the strange, but fun things I find.

Now that is the end on my one year plan. I hope to look back in a year and see most of these checked off and I hope that maybe I can inspire some people to become proactive in their life.

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